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  • I agree with PP, this is NBD.  In most military neighborhoods, the yard work is contracted, except for maybe your back yard (if you have one).  They will send maintenance guys maybe once a year to make sure things like smoke detectors are working, and also if you are gone for a long time they may send someone by to make sure there isn't some random leak that started in your absence.  If you live off base, it sounds like a different case depending on command.  But since you are concerned about it, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, unless you plan on growing drugs in your garage or something.  It's not like somebody from his command is going to come and critique because you haven't cleaned the produce bin in the fridge for a while.  ;)

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  • My husband is AF and I am not sure if it works differently than other branches but we have lived on base for 2 and a half years and have never had someone randomly show up and inspect our house. Balfour Beatty is our community managers and they will come and inspect your yard to see if its been mowed/weeds are everywhere but that is it. The only time I've ever heard of someone being inspected was when a mother got CPS called on her for having horrible living conditions in her home for a baby. The first sgt and commander came out and told her she had so many hours to get her house cleaned or they were going to have to move off base. I guess what I am saying is unless they have a reason to come inspect you...they probably won't. 
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