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Changes with feedings since Virus

So I posted a few days ago about T's fever and going to the ER.  We have sine had 2 follow up appt with the pediatrician and nothing has come back from the cultures, so they just keep telling me the virus just has to run it's course, as miserable as it is.  At Wed's appt he was still running a pretty high fever, 101-102, but I found out I wasn't giving him the right dosage of Tylenol.  So then Wed afternoon I started to notice that he would only take about 2 ounces of anything, he's getting both BM and formula, and that night was pretty miserable, we were both up pretty much all night, he would take about 1-2 oz of formula, fuss then finally pass out.  So at Thursday's appt with the pedi I pretty much lost my marbles, from exhaustion.  Last night I will say was slightly better, but not by much.  Still would only eat maybe 1-2 oz, fuss then pass out.  This morning I gave him a BM bottle, and I would say he ate almost all of it, which was 3 oz and then was fussy, finally fell asleep in the swing.  I just gave him a formula bottle and since he's been miserable.  But prior to the fevers and virus this wasn't an issue what so ever.  His feedings were easy. 

So I'm wondering if it's still the virus going through his system or if now it's an issue with formula or what, but it is happening with both BM and the formula.  Needless to say, I'm exhausted and a bit of an emotional wreck, because I feel like I can't do anything to ease his pain.  Oh and MJD is home today from daycare because he's got something running through him, literally, he was sent home yesterday due to diarrhea.  He's at least in good spirits, thank goodness.

I honestly don't know if any of my post is making sense, but if it is any advice would be wonderful.  TIA!  

Re: Changes with feedings since Virus

  • Oh and to add, every time I pick him up, he screams as if I'm hurting him. 
  • Poor dear!!! and POOR MOMMY!!! I remember how helpless I felt when my then three month old was feeling bad! :( I hope you are able to get some rest soon...

    Gah, if he were any older I would think he had an ear infection... My LO had recurrent infections (BECAUSE of viruses) from the time he began daycare until we finally got tubes placed. He would always scream and cry when I moved him AT ALL and ate very little, fussed a bit, and passed out.

    As for a virus... it SUCKS, but all you can do is wait it out. And once it is done, his little immune system will be that much stronger. The first year is so hard on them, but as they get older, they are able to fight those nasty germs off a bit faster.

    Please take care! I'm sending good thoughts your way.

    This, too, shall pass! :)

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  • I would guess it's just the virus and will get better after he starts feeling better. If the pediatrician says it's ok, I would do tylenol around the clock until his fever goes away. Maybe add some gas drops/gripe water at feedings. It can't hurt. I'm so sorry both kids are sick! I know how bad that is just having been through it with my two and having Colin so young. Stressful!! Big hugs Mama! You can make it through the next few days and hopefully they will both be on the mend by then. Plus, it's the weekend so DH should be around to help hopefully. Let him take over and try to sleep tonight.
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  • Thanks ladies, I'm sure I was over reacting at his late afternoon feeding it was like a new baby. And his most recent the same. I'm hoping we are on an upswing from here. It's been a long week that's for sure!
  • So glad things are looking up! Enjoy your weekend and get some rest!
    I am so grateful for the priviledge of being a mommy...the most brilliant journey in the world. Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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