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how long did you use your...

activty gym? 






anyone want to add anything?   

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Re: how long did you use your...

  • activity gym - Is this the playmat? If so my older ones didn't use it long but Preston LOVES the new one I got. It's the fisher price one with the piano at one end. He can play on that thing forever. I think it's b/c the mirror and toys are low enough that he can try to grab for them even at 2 1/2 months old. And he likes the music. 

    Swing - none of my boys liked the swing so it has been collecting dust in the corner

    Exersaucer/jumperoo - we have the fisher price one and it was a HUGE hit with both my older boys. Besides the bouncy seat this was a great thing in our house. Bailey used it from 3 months until 8 months when he started walking. Bryce used it from 3 months until over a year old. He loved it so much and it was a place i could put him without worrying about him. I'm crossing fingers Preston likes it 

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  • activity gym - 6 months maybe

    swing - LOVED.  Used the heck out of the swing!  I also highly recommend the expensive lamb one.  That's what he had a daycare and really liked it.  We used it until he got too big.

    exersaucer - hated this.  didn't really use it and it was just in the way.

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  • image shacadu:

    activty gym? 






    anyone want to add anything?   

    We have the "Under the Sea" Activity gym... Car loved it for tummy time and visual stim from two months... He "used" it from 3-8ish months... the toys and mirror came off, so we still have them lying around in his room.I think the gyms are a great investment.

    The "Little Lamb" swing pretty much  saved my life from day 1. He had horrible, and when I say horrible, I mean, HORRIBLE colic. The swing was the only thing that worked... and we could never figure out if it was the actual motion or the awful sound the contraption would make when it was on... I thought it was annoying when we first put it together but now, I wouldn't take a million dollars for it. :) we used it until he outgrew it around 4 months, I think. (He was a tall babe!)

    We bought a "farm yard" exersaucer and it was great for when I needed to take a shower  or make dinner from 6 mos until he started attempting to climb out around 11 mos.

    We got a jumparoo only because he ADORED the one at his childcare center. His teachers would take pictures of him smiling in it, and I was so jealous I begged and pleaded with my husband to get him for for at home. He only used it for about 4 months, but OH MY GOSH! He loved going in it!

    Sorry for the book! :)

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  • activty gym? first 6 months or so


    swing? birth- 8 months- he loved it!


    exersaucer/jumperoo? from about 4-9 months


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  • Activity gym/playmat- about 4 months maybe. Neither of mine have been in love with it, but Colin is still young so maybe.

    Swing-Neither of mine are a fan, so not long.

    Bouncy seat- 0-9 or 10 months at least. Both love it!

    Exersaucer and Jumperoo- 4-12 months for exersaucer and 6-14 months for the jumperoo. Owen loved both of these and only stopped using them because he started walking and got too tall for the jumperoo.

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  • image shacadu:

    activty gym? Polly (now 4) only some.  Isaac (now 2) LOVED it


    swing?  Polly - saved my gourd.  She loved it.  She swung until about four months I guess in the Lamb swing for naps, swung in the Ocean swing at MIL's until about a year.  Isaac hated the ever loving Bajeesus out of it.  Tried it like five times.  Tried three different swings.  The only one he really liked was the travel swing and only for maybe 10-15 minutes as a newborn-2 months so I could eat.


    exersaucer/jumperoo?  Kiddos loved these.  Isaac loved the exersaucer and P loved the jumperoo.


    anyone want to add anything?   My kiddos also loved little toys on the floor, too.

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