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  • I would for sure get a domino run. My kids are 9 & 4 and will play with dominoes for hours. We don't even have a run, they just play with a couple of boxes of them at grandma's house. A big ol domino run is probably going to be DS's b-day present.
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  • dominos are nice for counting and adding, so if you don't have those yet, you might want to invest now (in regular dominos and fun ones).  They're not too expensive either.  Do you have magna tiles yet?  Those are great for hours of fun.  DS wasn't really into legos until halfway through 1st grade when he could follow the directions while building on his own.  Now he's a lego maniac.
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  • These are cool and I know my friends son still plays with it at the age of 9. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=marble+run&id=2E263F5FD19D92773BD756470A02DB22BCF699DF&FORM=IQFRBA
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