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***DS 10/15/08 *** DD 08/03/10****


  • I use it and it has made a big difference for us.  I find better sleep really helps my DS have a better day.  The fast melt tablet kind has worked the best for us (easier to make sure we get the exact same dose each night).  I give DS 2mg at night about 30 min before bed.
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  • Thanks. We tried it tonight and it was amazing! I could only find 3mg, so I cut it in half and disolved it on a spoon with apple juice. I can't even express how amazing it was after almost 4 years of hard betimes to just read him a book, tuck him in and have him actually fall asleep. It probably only took 15 minutes. His sleep has been so off for so long that I am hoping we can just use it has a "reset" button to get him into a normal routine.
    ***DS 10/15/08 *** DD 08/03/10****
  • Our pediatrician gave us the go ahead three weeks ago since DS was not napping and up all night.

    We did it for 2 weeks and started Juice Plus with him.  After the 2 week we stopped the melatonin and he is sleeping through the night and naps most of the time.

    I feel it has done wonders since we had seen a sleep specialist and did things to the tee... Melatonin is a wonder supplement!


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  • Just curious, what is Juice Plus? 

    We only did the melatonin for a week (Saturday-Friday), but for 2 nights in a row he went down without it! 

    ***DS 10/15/08 *** DD 08/03/10****
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