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  • congrats on your healthy baby boy! I know the feeling...except I went in for 37 week check up appointment at1030am and jonathan was born same day at 3:27pm. It was insanely fast...and I did not have any time to understand what was happening to me! It was really scary, but I was induced because his heart rate was really low, once I started having contractions (i barely felt them, so they were not strong), he became very stressed, the second time his heart rate dropped, they called an emergency c-section. I also had a spinal. I cried so much..like you said..you just dont think it will happen to you. But it was the best thing for my baby! I ended being diagnosed with HELLP, baby was not getting enough blood flow

    recovery was worst part for me....take it easy....it gets better with time =) and enjoy every second of him...time goes by so fast...jonathan will be 6 months saturday

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  • Congratulations!  I'm sorry you didn't have the type of birth you were hoping for, I know that stings.  
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