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Now that'swhat I call a deal

Whole order came to $36.34 including tax and shipping..and I still have codes.
I love shutterfly and surpringly a lot of people at work had no idea who they were.  Since I started getting my books everyone now wants to use shutterfly...I think I've hooked up at least 10 people including my boss and my MIL lol


Description Each Price
4x6 Print (glossy) - Free $0.15 $0.00
4x6 Print (matte) - Free $0.15 $0.00
5x7 Folded Greeting Card - Free $2.99 $0.00
Mug (11 oz white) - Free $13.99 $0.00
Keepsake Box $23.99 $23.99
5x7 Stationery Card - Petite Lemon - Free $3.09 $0.00
5x7 Stationery Card - Clover - Free $3.09 $0.00
11x14 Collage Poster - Free $9.99 $0.00
Set of 24 stickers $4.79 $9.58
8x8 Book "abc sml" (20 pages) $29.99 $0.00

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Re: Now that'swhat I call a deal

  • That's really good! I've never used shutterfly. Where do you find the codes?
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  • You can find codes in lots of places..they have some on their site. Newsletters for huggies, pampers, leapfrog and suchlike.  You can trade in pampers points for them and sometimes coke rewards and also a lot of the coupon sites have them. 

    If you search on the bump the ladies sometimes post codes too, and sometimes they want to trade them for formula checks or gift cards... just be careful some of the codes are for first time customers only so once you have bought something on shutterfly you won't be able to use those.

    Sometimes sites like Ellen or other baby sites offer free codes to  their members.

    I recently had a free 8x11 book code from huggies, a free mug from pampers ..I also traded in pampers points for two poster codes. Zulily had a free book, coke rewards and baby center.

    What I did was collect all of my free codes and use them all at once  and used a free shipping code  when you buy $30 worth of merchandise... that killed the $40 something shipping costs I would have had too.

    Right now until wednesday you can get $29.99 off a book using SUMMERBOOK  but it can't be combined with other codes, so I havent used that yet and the shipping is about $15 for the 8x11 so I will probably buy another $30 worth of stuff ..I'd rather spend the money and get something than waste it on shipping and I have been buying gifts on shutterfly so it works out great.

    The stationary doesn't have to be baby announcements, you can use any 5x7 flat card and you can redesign it to say something else with the text.. I redesigned mine into some cute thank you cards.

    The keepsake boxes were nicer than I expected too...I have already bought one for the IL's for Grandparents day with their favorite picture of LO on it, have another one on the way and will probably get a few more as gifts.

    That order above is valued at about $250 dollars and about $45 shipping and I only paid $36.34 in total.  So I pretty much paid for my keepsake box at regular price and the rest was free. Cool and none of those were a first time customer code.

    Hubby has a whole bunch of codes in his account and will be a first time customer.. so we'll be putting in another order soon with all of his September codes. 

    Considering how many new customers they will get out of me, I think it's a fair trade lol.  The IL's are crazy about this lil guy and not shy about spending money on him or anything to do with him... I practically had to hogtie the MIL to stop her buying the books I make till I got her codes and got the book just right... she was all set to spend $50 a book and get them for the great grand parents and great great grandma ... so you can see how much she likes shutterfly .. or maybe it's just LO lol.

    I got my 8x11 book in the mail yesterday and if I say so myself it's pretty darned cute.. very hapy with the way it turned out and have ordered the same book but in 8x8 for gifts for the family. they are just getting a slightly different version becasue mine has a special message to my son on it. 

    This weekend I will be going round to help my MIL learn how to build books so she will probably go nuts, she is already pulling out all the old baby pics of hubby and his brother ... and she wants access to the gazillion pics of our lil guy too.  I should buy shares in shutterfly LOL
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  • Thank you for all your advice it was VERY helpful! I am definitely going to go check it out. Maybe I can even get a jump on some personalized Christmas presents!!
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  • I'm working on some custom backgrounds for my next book.. they can't ALL be black and I am not overly keen on the selections they have... too wishy washy for me.  So I am making some of my own to upload and use as page backgrounds.  I'm thinking about making a world of warcraft themed one for DH :)
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