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  • imageMarnieMS:
    I know sometimes it can be a pain, but WIC has some great resources for lactation consultants, and if you are going back to work they will loan you a hospital grade pump to use.


    I'm on WIC and they issued me a Medela Pump In Style Advanced (brand new) for free. It will be mine for 5 years and if I get pregnant after 5 years they will issue me a new one. I love my pump! I'm also active duty.

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  • Ask your Dr/hospital, there is a program that will sell pumps and ship them to you at a slightly lower rate but they accept payments for them. (Just for military) 
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  • imageBejebus:
    I dealt with Tricare a great deal as they are both my insurer and I worked for a doctor's office. Tricare is considered an entitlement, not an insurance company, and so doesn't have to abide by rules that Congress passes regulating insurance companies.

    That's so interesting. I was wondering how they got around that.

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