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4 week old, not startled by loud sounds?

I am paranoid because my DD passed on ear of the hearing test and failed the 2nd.  When we had her retested she passed the ear she previously failed and failed the one she passed.  we had the pediatrician test yesterday and she passed but they said the hospitals test is more sensative so we're going back in 2 weeks.

In the meantime, I have been trying to notice if she gets startled or notices loud sounds.  we have a dog so I think she may be used to him barking from when I was pregnant, but I've squeaked a toy near her ear and clapped and she doesn't flinch :(

should they be responding to sounds like this at this point?  She does seem to get calmer when I sing to her and my mom swears she noticed her becoming more alert when me or my husband speak, but I haven't noticed anything consistent.

are your 4 week olds responding to sounds?  Looking for some reassurance :(

Re: 4 week old, not startled by loud sounds?

  • At 4 weeks, mine didn't react to many sounds, and it was so hard to get his attn for pictures. I did find that he would startle if I got a text while he tried to nap in my arms. I think not seeing the stimulus coming (like hands clapping) made him startle more. But don't stress yourself. Even at 12 weeks, my LO doesn't always respond to sounds.


  • Mine are almost 8 weeks and still don't react to loud sounds.  They do respond to their names and anything that is directly at them but general sounds around them...they don't seem to care.
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  • My DD passed with flying colors. She does not startle to any sound, and has been that way since birth. We tried to let the dog bark, clatter things around, and just not be careful about making noise while I was pg, and now, nothing bothers her.
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  • Our now 6 week old does not react either. Our dogs go insane crazy a couple times of day and he is good with it.
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  • My 3 week old doesn't startle either and she has to deal with dogs and a really loud sister. Lol. I was worried as well though... but I guess it's normal.

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  • At 4 weeks, my DD didn't react to my large dog barking directly next to her, and never seemed to startle to other sounds either. Now at 6 weeks, she startles even to not-so-loud sounds, and the dog wakes her up several times a day. Definitely get your LO's hearing re-checked, but I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point.

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