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****Tuesday Check IN****


Did anyone see that blerb last week on the today show about the trainer blasting mothers as using pregnancy as an excuse to let go of themselves? I didn't get to watch it.... but it got me thinking....

I took me 2 years to lose and tone up after my DD. I was about the same weight as current (159) and younger. So I am proud of my current accomplishment and think I look pretty good considering. I am 35 mother of two and rock my DH's world.

My goal for this week is to eat better and focus on working out doing something that makes me happy. And wearing my skin makes me happy.

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Re: ****Tuesday Check IN****

  • I definitely used pregnancy as an excuse to let myself go! Not ashamed to admit it! Between the slipped discs, killer heartburn, constipation, constant peeing and very little sleep I'd say it was a damn good excuse, too. Am I paying the price now? Sure. But I don't regret the cupcakes, milkshakes and cheeseburgers. They often were the little rays of light to get me through. Can you tell I hated being pregnant??
    So, to check in. Nothing gained, nothing lost. I literally have no time to work out right now and there have been way too many goodies at work. Things should settle a little when students start back tomorrow.
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  • Yes!  I saw the lady who looked like she was addicted to cosmetic surgery! 

    First, I do weigh what I did when I first found out I was pregnant.  Having said that the weight is in all different places now.  I do the 10 minute trainer while he naps since I am a SAHM. 

    Second, I never heard them say once that she was a mother.  I could have missed that part being a SAHM but never heard if she had kids. 

    Last, most mothers work so once they get home the last thing they are worried about is self image.  They need to cook, give baths and do other tasks that keep the family running.  They say it takes 9 months to get that way and more than 9months to get it back.  In the segment that I did get to watch they were not comparing typical mothers they were talking about celebrities that have nannies who can watch their children while they work out for hours upon hours.  It was a crap segment with a woman who obvioulsy can afford surgery.  It was crap. 

     Congrats on your accomplishments!  As long as you and your Hubs is happy that's all that matters!

  • I'm the same as last week, but I kinda ate like crap this weekend and only ran once. My goal for the week is to get back into running my 2.5 mi and not get ice cream (my weakness). 
  • I did let myself go a bit. But honestly I was afraid to do to much. My previous losses made me think twice before I did much of anything.

    I'm almost back down to pre-pregnancy weight, which was 130. I can't get into half of the yoga stances that I was doing but I'll get there. One day at a time.

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  • I have been away a lot in the past two weeks, so when I saw this today I thought today was Tuesday.  Then I realized after reading a couple of posts that today is actually Wednesday, oops.

    To answer your question, I don't think I let myself go but I didn't exercise a lot because I was kind of scared to.  I did yoga once a week until maybe 32 weeks, and I bus it to work so I did walk a lot.  I didn't really change my eating habits either.  I think I was just concious of my body changes because DD was my first and I was scared about losing my body.  Who knows how I will be if I am ever pregnant again. 

    Check in: I am down about 4 lbs from last time I checked my weight, so I am currently at 135.  5 to go to pre-pregnancy, but more like 10-15 to goal.  I haven't worked out much because I was away, but now that I am back I intend to walk more again.  DH is even going to help me get in more regular work outs, so we'll see how that goes. 

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