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  • My oldest son who is now 8 has an IGA deficiency. As a little one hevwas routinely sick, upper respiratory infections, ear infections, unexplained fevers. Once diagnosised we took him out of day care and found him a more one on one environment. This helped things significantly!

    Each year we still battle upper airways infections. He generally is sick within the first two weeks of school starting. It does get easier as they age. He have pulmicort, albuterol, an inhaler available if he were to need them.

    DS had several trips to the er and admits to hospital under the age of 5, since we've only had one inner ear infection that caused a trip to the er. Hopefully you can remain hospital and infection free, ds was my bubble boy, but is now the best handwasher ever!
  • Thank you, Pumpkin Bug. That is very reassuring. DH and I were wondering if he would have to be home-schooled. Right now, every time is sneezes I flip..oh no, another trip to the urgent care clinic. Its so stressful!
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