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  • I read the book while I was pg and started useing the five S's from day one. DD is a big fan if the head jiggle and it definitely still works to calm her down when she's fussy. She's also been going though a clingy phase where if I put her down, within 30 seconds she's crying. She stops the minuet I pick her back up. So, naps during the day are on my chest. Thankfully, though, the clingyness goes away at bed time and she's able to be put down in her bassinet no problem. I really think that's because we've been doing a bedtime routine since 3wo. We haven't been doing a nap time routine, so I guess I can't really expect her to know what to do during the day.

    Our bedtime routine is: diaper change and pj's on, lights out with a nightlight on, voices low and quiet, BFing while rocking, swaddle with one arm out, then rocking 5-10 mins more making sure she gets a slight head jiggle. Once she's out I lay her in her bassinet and she's good for 3-5 hours.

    I hope that helps!
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  • DS is 4 months and not fussy anymore like when he was a NB but the techniques I find still work pretty well just for sleep.  White noise we use every night all night for him, and in the car when he gets finicky (he hates his car seat) we turn on a white noise CD and he immediately goes all zombie like on us, just staring straight ahead super calm.  Also we still swaddle (arms out since he can roll over) for sleep and that usually signals "Chill out, it's time for bed," with him, similar to the white noise.  I think everyone's LO is different so it may be worth watching the DVD or reading the book just to see if the techniques work for you.
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