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Pantry Food

Is anyone else suffering from "I have nothing to eat?!"  It's kind of like "I have nothing to wear" but geared toward food.

We have food in the house, but I don't want any of it.  I want something, but I don't know what.  But it certainly isn't any of the food we have on hand! 

And I just got back from being on the mountain for a week, so I don't really feel like cooking...

Gahhh why is food/eating such a debacle whilst preggers?! 

Re: Pantry Food

  • Yes! Totally just had this thought. I am hungry but nothing sounds appetizing and I have no motivation to cook or go out to get something. Boo! SO annoying being hungry all day long...


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  • This is me every day. I feel bad because my FI and I are trying to cut back on spending and we always end up having to run to the store or something because I don't want what's in our pantry or fridge!

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  • This tends to happen to me at the end of the week, but I try really hard not to give in a go to the store to buy anything else. I try and fit one craving into my grocery budget and everything else is the good healthy essentials. I also make my list online and force myself to stick to a certain dollar amount and not go over it.
  • I know exactly what you mean. I get hungry, so I open the fridge, stare for a minute or two, close the fridge, open the freezer, repeat staring and closing and again with the pantry. Then feel discouraged.. I usually try to force myself to eat something that I have because I start feeling bad for all the people in the world who don't have as many choices for food as I do. Or I end up getting take out.

  • DH got fed up with my lack of eating, so he went to the grocery store and started cooking stuff. He bought stuff I don't normally buy and you know what? I ate. Maybe the surprise foods did the trick.
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