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Whats going on with name discussion's?

I am one of those people who like to know what names we're choosing before we find out the sex. I like to do it that way cause when we're at the ultrasound finding out, When they announce girl/boy, I can already know that much about them....what thier name is.

I might find out at 14 weeks ;)

We've only decided on first names, but having a hell of a time with middle names. If you guys could throw some middle names at me that would be awesome :)

Girl: Zoey

Boy: Brantley

Have you made any decisions on first names yet? 

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Re: Whats going on with name discussion's?

  • For a girl Virginia. She will be the 6th, so we're going to call her Ava. Thinking Lily or Allison for the middle name. For a boy Elijah David.
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  • For a girl we really like Chloe Michelle and for a boy we are still deciding between Cillian and Ronan. Middle name will be Patrick. Of course we aren't going to find out what we are having, so we've got six months to change our minds a dozen times!!

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  • If it's a boy, it will be Riccardo John (my husband's name & his grandfather's name for the middle name).

    If it's a girl Melania Camille (Camille was my grandmother's name).

     Do you guys have any family names that could work as a middle name -- like a parent's name, grandparent, etc. 

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  • Our names are:

    Girl:  Lily Maureen Boy: Cooper Mason (almost 100% certain)

    If we end up with two girls we will totally have Zoey!  I love it.  For our middle names we (really I) decided to do an homage to my maiden name.  My maiden name is Maurer so Maureen is just a slight change on it and Maurer is German for "wall" and presumably one that builds walls.  Therefore...mason!  

    Some other options for middle names are to honor a friend/family member, go geeky and name it after a favorite actor/author/book/character/singer/etc.  Or just go pretty.

    Here's a post for middle names with Zoe(y): http://www.babynamegenie.com/community/index.php?showtopic=17

    Here's a post for middle names with Brantley: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100921215257AAtWEV9  

    Found both by just googling "names that go with ______" 

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  • Though I still have my poll up, hubby and I are about 90% on 

    Brynn Adelaide

    and Bryce Iain (Morgan, Darwin) the middle name here is still slippery. 

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  • Boy: Jack Cooper

    Jack after FIL whos name is John but they call him Jack and Cooper because I wanted something that was never used in our family before

    Girl: Sophie Rose or Lily Ann

    I came up with the first names and my dh with the middle.  We are back and forth with with one we will use

    I must admit I keep looking at other girl names. Mackenzie is another one we like but dh likes the other two much more.

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  • Nope, no decisions made yet. I think we'll end up staying team green through the pregnancy and might go into the hospital without final names decided. We see no rush.
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  • We have two favorites for the time being:
    Girls - Isla Elisabeth Boys- Calvin James
    That said we have changed our minds before so these aren't 100% by any means.

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  • If it's a boy, we're naming him Jacob Perry. Jacob because we just like the name Jacob and Perry is the name of my husband's uncle who passed away many years ago. 

    If it's a girl, she will be Leila Marie. Leila was my grandmother's name, and my middle name was Marie.  


  • You could use your middle names, your parents' middle names, your maiden name, names of family members who have passed one, or perhaps older ones that can be honored while they are still alive.

    My daughter's middle name is Margaret after my grandma (I knew she would get a kick out of having her great granddaughter named after her), and our son's middle name is Vallear, which is my husband's father's middle name (he goes by Val). For this baby we are considering using one of our middle names.

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  • Boy: Carter Thomas--- Definitely 

    Girl: No CLUE...We like Callie....



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  • Boy, Luke

    Girl, Sienna 

  • Girl: I like Allie, Annie, Haliegh with the middle name of Uleta after my Grandma who passed away several years ago

    Boy: We have agreed on Wyatt, Clint, or Colt and were using James as a middle name after my father in-law


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  • Girl: Tabethia Jean (family names for first and middle)

    Boy: Tyler James (family mn to honor several James/Jims in our families)

    The initials are in honor of our best friend who pushed us to be together. He married us. :) Both names were picked pre-pregnancy.

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