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First belly rub *grumble*

I was in the ladies room yesterday, chatting with my coworker at the sinks, and she suddenly reached out and touched my belly!  Seriously?  I'm not even showing yet, just a little pre-existing fluff that I normally suck in. 

After a moment of awkward silence I straight up told her, "Um, you're just touching my belly chub.  The baby is actually further south."  She laughed it off and left the room.  Now, I'm trying not to be too hard on her because we've been in the same department together for five years and she's like an office mom to me.  But sheesh, the ladies at my work are absolutely baby crazy!

Next time it happens, I'm gonna feel her belly chub (or anyone else's) and see how she likes it!  *end rant*

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Re: First belly rub *grumble*

  • I shudder to think what will happen when someone inevitably does that to me.  It freaks me the eff out.  At least ask first!  I don't like to be touched by randos in the first place.  And by randos, I mean anyone I don't immediately hug when I see them lol.

    One of my coworkers started talking to the baby the other day while staring at my stomach lol.  Awkward, but at least she kept her hands to herself.

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  • I just had my first one as well.  I don't care for that!  Let me know what you decide to do.  With my first, I put up a sign that said "don't poke the bear".  That helped. 
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  • I TOTALLY understand where you are coming from. My MIL came up to me the other day and said matter of factly "Oh! You are showing!" and then proceeded to touch my fat (after I have told her for weeks now that there is NO possible way I am showing right now). Trust me, I'm totally excited to start showing and show off the belly, BUT, when I'm still wearing regular clothes that cover up my chunk then hands off!
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  • I keep telling DH that when someone tries to do this to me, I'm gonna start breaking hands. I don't like people touching me, and pregnant or not, they have no reason to touch me, especially without asking.
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  • Oh that would NOT fly with me.  I'll have to think about what I want to do if/when this happens to me because I am not ok with random people touching me like that.  Heck, I don't even want people I DO know touching me like that. 
  • Baaahahaha!! This made my day! I have 2 niece's, 15 & 13, who have been rubbing my belly chub since I was about 7 weeks!!!  Their mom is starting to do it too! It's all I can do to hold my frustrations in.. Thinking of having a shirt or two made in progressive sizes saying "No, you cannot rub my belly!".


  • My MIL did this today to me as well except there was an attempt at cheek pinching my slight bump!? The unfortunate part is that I work with her as well. It is really hard to set the appropriate boundaries but I feel one of "those talks" is in my near future.
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  • Ugh.  I have no idea how I will react to someone randomly touching me.  I'l probably freak out.  I hate being touched by random people already, so no thanks.  I may end up slapping the hand of the first person to do it, haha.
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  • "Thank you for rubbing my bloat.  I haven't pooped in 3 days, so if you keep up in a clockwise motion, maybe it'll help me pass last night's dinner."  No one has tried to rub my bloat yet; I just tell them No, I'm not showing, I'm just fat. 
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  • LOL, this used to drive me absolutely crazy, but I don't know, maybe I'm feeling generous today.  I got rubbed SOOOO much with my first pg between relatives and work, and it drove me absolutely bonkers.  I never said anything, but I was always stewing about it.  I do NOT like it though when random people touch me at the store.  I've had old men do it a few times.  Uh huh...  But I guess my bottom line is that I'd rather have people touch my belly than the baby.  I WILL cut off hands for that one.  My kids know it too, and they'll tell people as they approach to touch and say " don't want to do that!"  lol

    I have thought about touching people back (and seriously, I will totally stroke someone's face if they touch my baby's face) or saying "it's just poop and fat, baby is too low for anyone but dh to touch".

    Momma to 4 here and 4 in Heaven, cautiously expecting #5!
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  • imageMandG2010:
    "Thank you for rubbing my bloat.  I haven't pooped in 3 days, so if you keep up in a clockwise motion, maybe it'll help me pass last night's dinner."  No one has tried to rub my bloat yet; I just tell them No, I'm not showing, I'm just fat. 

    LMAO! Awesome response.

    I'm def not showing - DH says I look skinnier... my body weight is mostly just re-adjusting at this point... heck my jeans even fit! Bloat and all!

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  • No strangers have rubbed my belly yet but whenever my SO rubs my "belly chub" I think it's sweet, not creepy. I don't know how I'll feel if a random person does it.. but I feel like I wouldn't mind? Not sure though.
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  • I'm kind of giggling over here, imagining someone touching my belly and reaching out to touch their's in return. Completely deadpan. Then you must say "Was it as good for you as it was for me?" Teehee.

    Please ignore me, I'm sleep deprived. 

    DD- 11/17/08, DD- 11/16/09, DS- 3/20/13 
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  • I just dont know why people think this is ok. I have never seen a pregnant person and though.. "oh let me touch their stomach." I only touched my aunts bellies when they asked if I wanted to feel the baby kick.. my BFF gave birth recently and I never touched her stomach. She isn't touchy feely... like me.

    I think I'll just back away when someone reaches out. Maybe this is one perk of working with all men.

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  • imagedaylights1:

    Read this from the FEB 2013 board. This woman is my hero. 

    Omgosh, I almost died.  That was awesome.

    Momma to 4 here and 4 in Heaven, cautiously expecting #5!
    Ds1-9yo, Dd1-6yo, Ds2-3 1/2yo, Dd2-1 1/2yo.

  • I had mine yesterday and I didn't really mind.  It was a coworker of mine but i love her.  I had just told her I was pg so she was all excited and only did a quick pat before huggging me.  If it was someone I don't like or know I will probably rub theirs back

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  • My first was my cousin and I was all "That's just tacos hun..." She felt awkward after that,  since we both just ate tacos and she is bigger than me anyways. =) Now I just tell everyone that when I start to see their arm stretch for the touch. Works for me. 
  • I don't mind people at church, or friends, once I have a real baby bump. Right now would be totally awkward with anyone, since it's mostly my fluff showing. Total strangers, that is just wrong.  I ask, unless I'm related, before I touch anyone!  

    The lady in the grocery store got what she deserved. LOL!

  • I am so sorry that had to happen to you. I am 11w5d and all I have now is some serious bloatage going on. What amazes me is when people just assume that is baby. It offends me so much, because it's just plain ignorance. They don't even know what they are talking about. My baby is WAY too low for me to be showing right now, and all you are doing is rubbing last nights dinner. It's kind of on the same lines as seeing someone and asking when they are due, but they aren't even pregnant. It's just something you DON'T do. I really think we need to make shirts that say "DO NOT TOUCH MY BELLY" I am highly considering it.
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