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Trouble focusing?

Anyone else have trouble focusing? At work lately (where I am now) I have been the hardest time focusing on getting anything done. Idk if its because im excited and addicted to these boards lol or what, but I cant keep doing this!

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Re: Trouble focusing?

  • ME!  I told my kids we were going to start homeschool at 8:30.  It's 8:37.  Whoops.  I better get on that.
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  • yup... I have been terribly unproductive at work lately...
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  • Everytime I'm pregnant I remember an old pregnancy test commercial.  My bff and I used to laugh hysterically at a HPT commercial that said "I can't concentrate, could I be pregnant?"  We thought that was the stupidest thing ever.  When I'm pregnant and putting my keys in the refridgerator I am quickly reminded of the commercial and now I laugh because it makes complete sense.

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  • the last few weeks I've noticed I've been saying the wrong I'll want to say "that was a funny commericial" and instead I'll say "that was a funny vacation". Completely different words! so weird!

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  • Trouble remembering anything, focusing on anything too long, including reading posts on this board. I start reading replies and 2 or 3 in, I'm done. Major ADD going on here! My kids think I've totally lost it!


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