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What's up this weekend??

Woo hoo for 3 day weekends!

What are everyone's plans aside from family bbq's and watching other people drink???

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Re: What's up this weekend??

  • imageChevyFam717:

    Woo hoo for 3 day weekends!

    What are everyone's plans aside from family bbq's and watching other people drink???

    That is pretty much the plan!  :)  We're heading to my parents' cabin for the weekend which means lots of good food, reading, relaxing, digging on the beach with my nephew, maybe swimming if the water isn't too cold by now, etc.   

  • I'm going to the nys fair! cant drink or go on rides but i still like going!
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  • Our 8 year anniversary is on Monday.  So on Saturday, we are going to see the touring production of "Les Miserables" and have dinner out.  It'll be our first date night in about a month and I am so excited!  Sunday is all about church and family time for us.  Then  Monday we will be headed to a pool party with a bunch of church friends, and later that night we are headed to other friends' house for homemade pizza. 

  • Low-key weekend for us.  Tomorrow I think we're going out for breakfast, then to the grocery store.  Other plans for the day are laundry and a couple other little projects like taking down the previous owners' ugly valances in the LR/DR, painting a couple of walls, and hanging up some stuff that we haven't gotten around to.

    Sunday we'll head up to my parents' boat to swim and maybe go for a sail.

    Monday we'll fire up the smoker, do some more projects around the house, and just generally relax.

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  • Our one year anniversary is Monday so we are leaving in a few hours to spend the weekend in Charleston, SC.  A little anniversary trip/mini babymoon.  We're really excited!  And my boss JUST gave me our wedding present so it's nice to have some extra money to spend this weekend.  He was really generous!
  • I am going with my hubby and kids to the mountains for some R&R.  I has been a very difficult week for the kids and I thought it would be one last thing before school starts!
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  • I'm pretty sure this weekend will be filled with Lego building.  Dh has an ebay business, and he's starting to get swamped with stuff, so I'm learning to do it all so I can help him.  And cleaning.  The inside and outside of my house are in desperate need of some attention after weeks of m/s induced inactivity.  Dh has Monday off, but I don't know if we're doing anything exciting.
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  • College football at my alma mater, then the rest of the weekend at our vacation house. So excited!
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  • Aside from a BBQ tomorrow, we have a surprise bday party to go to on Sunday. We might head to Old Sturbridge Village on Monday since it should be a great day! Sooo thankful for the three day weekend.....I NEEDED it!

    mc 5/3/2012, gone, but always in our hearts! <3

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  • Saturday we are going to a family picnic and telling them all we are pregnant!  Gonna be a great day I hope!  Sunday we plan on going to a minor league baseball game that we go to fairly regularly and cheer them on.  They are almost in the finals and one player is about 2 RBIs from setting the team record.  And Monday is still free....maybe we'll do a game day playing tons of board and card games we haven't done in a long time (munchkin, settlers, dominion, carcassone, and so on...don't worry if you don't know what any of those are its ok but you should check em out!  They are fun!)

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