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pregnancy brain

Typically I enter my house through my garage- that way I don't worry about locking doors, the front door is always locked and I have the garage opener in my car. Today when I took the dog to the vet, front door was easier. I came back through the garage. It took me over 5 hours to realize that I never locked the front door when I left. I only JUST realized this as I went to get the mail and the door was already unlocked. I am currently feeling very thankful that all my belongings are still here and there is no creeper in my house!
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Re: pregnancy brain

  • I left the keys in my car, with my car running for over 2 hours the other day. I thought it was the car next to me that was on when I went looking for my keys. It wasn't until I dumped half my purse out that I realized it was my car. So thankful no one stole it! :)

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  • I left my house keys in the door over night and only found them when I was looking frantically to leave for work.


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  • Today, i got to a red light, stopped, looked both ways and started to go though. Good thing DD was in the back going "Red, Stop, dog, stop." The other light was yellow so we didn't have to wait long. I honestly think I have to give up driving this time around. pregnancy brain is brutal!!!
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