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Vent about plums

Why might I be venting about plums?

Well it all starts back when we were looking at our house as a possible rental. I love gardening and all of that and the landlord showed us the plum trees in the yard and said "you can have plums in the fall its great".  

So out I go yesterday, bought jars and certo and the like for a canning day tomorrow with my mom.

Today i look out my window and what do I see? Some old lady with a massive bag of plums picking from my tree. I was like WTF so I sent my husky outside (mature lol but I am not very confrontational). After she STILL didn't leave I went outside.

 Apparently my landlord just told her to come on over and take them all.  Yet he didn't think it was a good idea to mention it to us? Even if he decided that he can just take them (even after saying specifically that they were know since I do ALL the yard work) he should've told us so that I didn't buy all that crap AND so that I didn't send my massive dog after his mother haha.

AH. Just so frustrated! 

Re: Vent about plums

  • hahaha I don't think I would have run from a Husky, they just look too lovable. Now a Shepard I have seen those bad boys be MEAN!  Sorry for the waste of money.

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  • Hah that was the problem ... Way too lovable!
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  • Your post made me laugh - thanks for the giggle - but sorry about the lack of plums...

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