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DC update and another ?

Well I spoke to the director this morning, very non confrontational (which isn't my strong point!) and just asked around about what was up. She apologized profusely, apparently one of the new Am teachers decided after 2 days that infants weren't here niche and she should be with pre-school and the director reaffirmed she really wants a good fit for the classroom. She also said that they are interviewing (today in fact) for the afternoon position but have coverage and will now have 2 teachers in the room at 7:30 (and if I need to drop off earlier, thats fine, it will just be in the dining area where the early kids go). I'm still going to keep my eyes open and be watchful and I'm going to have to get the afternoon scoop from DH and try to get him to give me some details but I do feel a bit better - she does seem genuinely concerned about getting a good fit.

My question is - how long do you allot for dropoff? I know with meeting new teachers etc it takes more time, and the old teachers were great and we were in and out in a snap... I want to let them know about his morning (and this mronings teacher took notes, hurrah!) but not sure how long to plan for.

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Re: DC update and another ?

  • It sounds like she's being somewhat proactive, which is a good thing.  Hopefully it'll work out!
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