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Maternity Clothes

So most of my pants are just feeling uncomfortable to wear so last night DH took me to get some new maternity pants (especially for work!)

Usually I HATE shopping, but this time I had such a fun time! The sales associate was so helpful and friendly. No judgement from her either especially since I'm just shy of 12 weeks! She had me put on this fake belly thing to make sure pants and shirts would still fit later during my pregnancy. Since this is my first, it was so fun/cute to see what I would look like with a baby bump! I ended up getting a lot of stuff on sale that can def be worn later!

Is anyone else starting to get/ wear maternity clothes?! Never thought I would be wearing them this early, but man are they comfortable!!!

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  • I bought some yesterday!  2 pairs of yoga pants and 2 pairs of jeans.  I can still wear my "fat day" jeans and pants, but might as well go comfy!
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  • I'm going to head to the outlets this weekend to check out labor day sales. Hope to find some good stuff!
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  • I've been buying stuff as I've seen maternity clothes come up on Gilt and promo codes for ON and Gap.  I'm pretty much set for fall and winter, just need another skirt or two, maternity tights/leggings, and another couple of pairs of jeans (hello, Motherhood Maternity denim BOGO!).  I may fill in later with a few more tops.

    So far I'm only wearing maternity jeans (the waistbands on all of mine were just uncomfortable), everything else still fits. 

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  • Luckily I have jeans that I bought just after having my DD and now I'm back to fitting into them again.  They are going to probably be a bit tight in the next month or so I'm starting to look. I just bought a few tops online (I don't have maternity stores close to where I live) and already sent 4 back.  I did save a few of the lighter sweaters to wear this fall but the ones I sent back were just hideous on.  I really wish I had decent stores close by b/c not really seeing the fit before you buy sucks.  

    I think I will be pulling out my old maternity clothes this weekend and see what I can start wearing. 

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  • I've gotten some jeans and a shirt. Luckily I have a few old navy knit skirts that work great. But I do plan on going to get more maternity clothes ASAP, because I am so uncomfortable and can't stand anything constricting me right now!
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  • Well...I never really stopped wearing mine. LOL!  I need to replace a few of the pieces that are starting to show wear, but otherwise, I am all set!


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