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I feel like a raging beast

Anyone else feel like their hormones are in full swing?  Last night I was crying to my husband that he had to go to work today (so did I) and I wouldn't see him all day.  He just laughed it off and smiled (I can't even imagine what he was thinking). Today, not only was I crying because I forgot to pack him lunch, but I felt out of control at work with no patience for my employees.  At the time I didn't notice it so much but now I feel like a raging lunatic.

Hopefully it is not just me and hopefully these hormones are just peaking and will soon start to decline again.


Re: I feel like a raging beast

  • I don't cry a whole lot and I have cried for seemingly no reason all week
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  • Yes. A thousand times yes. It's already completely exhausting, I'm sure H is loving it. 
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  • Lately, the minute I feel overwhelmed or upset, I bawl and bawl and bawl. :(
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  • Yeah, I'm with you!

    I cried for a half hour yesterday because I starting thinking about my cat dying. My cat is not sick and is only 2 years old. No reason for that.

    I cried because DH and I can't be together all the time, but when we are together I am often snippy. Terrible.

    Those are just two incidents of too many from the last two weeks. I'm not usually a crier, but the floodgates seem to have opened!

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