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NT bloodwork ?

Does everyone go for two rounds?  I went for the first round after the u/s and they said you go back for another b/w 15-18 weeks.  They told me the u/s looked great and my first round of b/w was normal and that you get full results after the 2nd round. 

Does it work like this for everyone?

Re: NT bloodwork ?

  • The California Integrated Screen is two rounds of bloodwork and the NT scan. My results are considered preliminary until the second screen around 15 weeks.
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  • That's what it seems it's like in NJ....if I remember correctly the next one tests for spina bifada
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  • Yep that's how it works for me at least for the test I got which was the Sequential Integrated Screening.  This consists of bloodwork in the first tri, NT scan and then bloodwork in the second tri.


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  • That is just what I was told. All the results for the NT came out great. Doc told me that they get the results from the second part n put it together with the first part and they give you a better understanding. I was also worried like you but found out its normal. The only thing for me was that the nurse made my appt for when I hit 16weeks bc she said it was better, even though the Doc wanted to see me within 4 weeks which would make me 15weeks I found that odd. 

    I wasn't sure if we had to do it but we did, our insurence told us they cover everything and I'm just hoping n praying they weren't wrong. We also picked to do everything since hubby is adopted n we don't have his family medical background. 

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