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Oct '11 Ladies...

How the heck are you???
How are the babies doing?

BFP#2 2.5.11 (EDD 10.15.11) DS born 9.28.11

BFP#4 8.27.13 (EDD 5.6.14) DD born 4.23.14


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Re: Oct '11 Ladies...

  • First day officially back at work, and it sucks!I didn't get anything done over the summer because I wanted to enjoy all my time on her. I sort of regret it because I feel completely swamped, but when I think about the few hours I will get to have with her during the work week, I'm glad I took advantage of that time with her.

    DD had a weird stomach bug on Friday, but it seemed to have worked it's way out of her system.It was the scariest couple of hours so far. I think she handled it better than I did. I have no idea what caused it, but I hope that never happens again.

    She is having a difficult time with DH doing drop off at daycare. It breaks my heart to get texts from DH saying she had big tears when he left. It also isn't like him to actually tell me to call daycare to check on her.  =(

    How are the rest of you ladies doing? There used to be so many of us Oct ladies. I miss you all.

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  • Hello my dears.  Taking a break from working (yes, 10 pm and still at it) and happy to see you both (or all, as the case may be, for the others who I hope will check in).

    As for me, I am exhausted.  I think I will be this way until they perfect cloning.  I continue to be the person who has 10 plates spinning on top of sticks, and I just go from one stick to the next trying to keep them all spinning and not falling down.  Work is about 6 of the plates, and I am having a hard time keeping up there; the others are home, relationship with DH, G, and myself.  And my personal plate is about to bust.  I look and feel like I'm about 50 instead of 40; I have not had time for a hair cut since before I went back to work in February.  There are only so many hours on the weekend, and forget weekdays.  Commuting to and from work, trying to get enough done and done well while at the office, getting home in time to wrangle and get G to bed, getting back on line to work some more....I guess my hair is really the least of my problems, but it is indicative of what life is like. 

    G continues to be quite himself.  I can't believe he will be 11 months soon!  He is still army crawling and in the past 4-5 days started to try to pull himself up to a verry wobbly stand.  His legs are ready to go, but his core strength is not where it should be.  We are in the queue for EI evaluation for gross motor and communication delays, and he continues to be, as I call it, "volatile" in terms of his personality. 

    He continues to not love solids (puffs are a-ok, of course) but is doing well weight wise sticking in the 25-50% curve.  We will be doing allergy testing at a year, but to see where things stand we ventured into food trials and be tolerated a little "french toast" made with yolks and a teensy bit of milk and butter...but after no reaction to that x 4 days trial, we waited till the next weekend (this past weekend) and tried a teensy amount of yogurt...and that was holy helll.  To be fair, he is teething up a storm on both sides, but he was just so uncomfortable, his cheeks flared pink, would not nap for a moment, fussed unconsolably, and he got a nasty butt rash by evening...and today it all looks a bit better. 

    So was it the teeth?  A reaction?  Both?  These and other questions will be answered...at some point...

    Hope all the October babies and mommas are doing well!

     Now, back to work...


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  • Things are going pretty well here.  DS turned 10 months last week and is looking way too toddlerish for my liking.  He's starting to use walking as his primary means of transportation, so that probably contributes to the toddler look.  He has no fear when it comes to walking, so that has resulted in many bumps and bruises, and even his first black eye last week. :(  I felt like a bad mommy that day.

     He recently moved up a room at day care and it's been a bit of a difficult adjustment.  He cries when I leave him most days, and I guess he's timid with the older kids.  Part of his intimidation probably stems from him being a little guy.  He used to be 50th percentile and above but had fallen to 25th at his 9 month appointment and is probably even lower than that now seeing as how he's been averaging only about 1/3 lb per month.

    I'll be starting a new position at my place of employment next week, so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I need to wrap up over the next couple of weeks and all of the new things I'll need to learn for the new position.  I feel like I'm expected to be able to contribute pretty much right off the bat due to my background, so I'm feeling some fear of inadequacy.

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  • Good to hear from you all.

    Dude, I have an ELEVEN month old today!  Check out that ticker!  Planning is in effect for his bday parties (each side of the family wants to do one on the trip & then we'll do a cake or something the actual day of).  SIL is doing a themed one for him (her gift to him what with my traveling so far and all), Hungry Caterpillar.  She's really crafty so it will likely be good.

    D has been a teething bandit lately.  7 teeth total.  4 in the last month, 3 in 8 days and 2 of those were in a 24 hour span earlier this week.  Good times.  I'm happy to say that at the current moment there are no more 'little white lines' in his mouth.  This is good.  We both need a break. 

    He's a crawling, pulling up & cruising machine...including in the crib...which he (finally) figured out the other day.  He'll still eat anything, though he's liking feeding himself more and more.  Still bf'ing, but only before naps/bedtime...and honestly my supply pretty much tanked with his teething (he didn't want to nurse bc it hurt and I slacked and didn't pump).  I don't think he's getting much as his food intake has skyrocketed.  I'm going with it though as weaning is around the corner for us (1 yr). He's also actually starting to listen.  Like he'll be pulling up in the tub and I tell him to sit down and he'll look at me and plop on his bum.  Good boy!  Of course in 3 seconds he's back up, but he listened!

    I'm doing alright.  Still recovering from the teething hell of the last week or so and getting things ready for the x-country trip.  Intimidated at the prospect of a x-c flight with a mobile baby on my own AND what the time change and new locations will mean for his sleep training.  Ought to be interesting...


    Good to hear from you all!

    BFP#2 2.5.11 (EDD 10.15.11) DS born 9.28.11

    BFP#4 8.27.13 (EDD 5.6.14) DD born 4.23.14


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  • Love all these updates!

    I'm good but back to work 4 days/wk, i was trying to work 4 but never quite getting it all in but now i have to.  DS starts pre-k next week and i'm in the midst of finding a sitter for DD 2days/wk.  i may have an emotional breakdown when that happens b/c i'm not ready to let her go to someone else yet.  Crying

    DD is doing good except for some bad moments w/ teething, though she hasn't gotten any new ones since she got her first two around 8-9months. 

    and she just started taking her first steps on her own!  She's so proud of herself when she does it!  loving it! 

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  • Hello ladies. I think I am a little late, but will still post.  We are doing great!  We are very busy buying a new home and planning DS's birthday party.  I cannot believe my little baby will be 1 soon.  DS finally has one tooth. He has been teething forever and hope that more teeth will come through soon.  He is a crawling machine and since the past weekend, he has been enjoying standing.  I think he is very close to walking.

    He loves to eat. We pretty much give him what we eat as long as it is not spicy. He loves real food.  He has tried broccoli, eggplant, asparagus, peas, carrots, green beans (he is not a fan), sweet potatos, squash, plums, bananas, pasta, bread, cheese, etc.  I give him pretty much anything that is soft enough to eat.  I am so glad to be in this phase because the first few months in daycare when he was refusing bottles was very stressful.

    Big AW: Last weekend, he started saying mama!  It just melts my heart. I love hearing it again and again.  He keeps getting cuter and cuter everyday.  I love shopping for him.  Currently shopping for his halloween outfit.

    It is so nice to catch up with all you ladies!

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