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PCSing with toddler

Looking for any advice to make the move with a toddler easier on her. Were driving from Mass to SC over two days and will be taking her room and some new toys in a UHAUL to set up right away with the rest of our essentials. TMO will take the rest. We did the house hunting thing last week and flew down it was definitely not easy with our active girl! 
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Re: PCSing with toddler

  • We moved last summer with a two year old (she turned 3 in September) from the Seattle area to Oklahoma. It was a VERY long trip! We had a DVD player for her  that helped & we stopped a lot. Playgrounds to wear her out & some sightseeing, too. Just be flexible & remember "this too shall pass"- GOOD LUCK! :)
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  • Are you riding together, or with your H be driving separately? If together, I recommend whoever is not driving should sit in the back. That will ensure someone is back there to entertain, feed snacks, etc. if you are driving separate, I would put a box of toys back there where she can grab them at will. I've traveled both ways, and two people is definitely easier than one, but both are doable.
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  • What we did was drive at night so the boys would be asleep and rest in the day. We did drive during the day once though. For that, we made sure they had plenty of snacks and activities. An iPad filled with Disney movies is a great idea! Also, we played I spy, and stopped every now and then so they could run around. Sight seeing was fun too! I definitely recommend traveling at night if you are limited on time though.
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  • We came from Montana to North Carolina and we drive it every year, well I do with our daughter, she lived with my husbands parents (she is now 7 but we are only 23 and 24 so it was more stable for her to stay there other then breaks).  When we drive we stop every few hours, if she is awake and make sure we stop in a town where she can play on a play ground or something, we started this back and forth drive when she was almost 3. I also have tons of coloring books a dvd player and a camera so she can record the trip and be occupied. Good luck on your move and drive!!!!
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