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Hello everyone! I live in Murfreesboro, and I have been wondering if there are any secondhand maternity shops in the Nashville area. Does anyone know of any?  I really don't want to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes!

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  • There are generally a few consignment sales in the area each year that will have some secondhand maternity clothes. The Once Upon a Child resale store in Franklin has a good selection and it is reasonably priced and in good condition. Other than that, Old Navy has some cute stuff online for decent prices - they have basic things like t-shirts that are super comfy. Honestly, depending on how big you are now and how big you expect you will get, sometimes just going up a size in regular t-shirts works. Although great maternity pants and shorts and such are definitely worth some investment. Don't be afraid to go up to Green Hills and the maternity store there... just hit up the sale rack! I thoroughly plan on giving myself a $500 allowance for maternity clothes with baby #2. I survived on barely anything last time and know this isn't my last, so I will be investing in a decent maternity wardrobe. The other thing you want to spend money on are good, supportive bras - Bravado is a no brainer when it comes to this.

    There are definitely expenses to having a baby! But in the long run there are definitely ways to keep from spending loads of money, while not being "cheap." Invest in a great carseat that you won't have to replace when your child hits 20 lbs. (just bought a Diono Radian for my almost 1 year old for $270 on sale), use cloth diapers instead of disposables (I will do a free consultation for you! Just reply to this and we can get in touch), breastfeed or pump instead of using formula, make your own baby purees when you start solids. Make sure you also invest in your child's future, as well as their present, by checking into writing a will, opening a college savings account or a Roth IRA for your child, etc. I know, you asked a simple question and I just gave you an epic reply, but hopefully it is helpful :)

  • I found a lot of good things at Once Upon a Child in Franklin. There is also a consignment store in Franklin called Kid to Kid that sells some maternity clothes. I got a great dress there for my brother's wedding for only $8.

    Contrary to the previous poster, I think the maternity store in the Green Hills mall is insanely expensive, even the clearance rack. You can often find some good clearance on the motherhood maternity items in Macy's though, as well as in the motherhood maternity stores.

    Craigslist and ebay are also good options.

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  • @BriDaily

    We are at 14 weeks and I have some experience with cloth diapering, and am looking forward to doing so when this precious baby arrives.  Right now I'm trying to figure which kind I like best (though I have picked my favourite two, I think :D) and then, where to buy. I don't mind buying used. 

     Can you help? Thank you!


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