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Postpartum Depression

late onset PPD?

Just curious if PPD can come on later than the initial 6 weeks after giving birth? Has anyone experienced this? My LO is 3months and things feel very differently emotionally all of a sudden. Pregnancy Ticker Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker image image

Re: late onset PPD?

  • Yes, absolutely. Any time in the first year is still considered PPD.

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  • Definitely.  I am struggling now at 5 months pp.  Hope you get the help you need.  You aren't alone!
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  • JCMJCM member
    Yes, I finally realized I needed some help when DD was 5 months old.

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  • I'd say so. DS is about 3 1/2 months and mine seems to kicked in more so lately. Not sure if it's the recent anniversary of my daughter's death or the stress I've been under lately.
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  • me too. I had bad baby blues 2 weeks PP, but now at 5 months PP, I finally went to get help and started medication a week ago. No difference yet, I am still having a rough time. I have some great days and some really bad days. I hope the meds start working soon.
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  • Yes...anytime w/in the first year aftet birth.  Mine hit me like a mack truck at 7 months PP. 
    PPD/PPA has been super hard, but I'm making it! Slow steps...
    Mom to Carter (6), and Calianne (1).  
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