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Pregnant after a Loss

Had a dream last night that I miscarried :-(

Ugh. It is not doing good things for my mental state. The only reason I'm not completely freaking out is because I didn't have a dream like that when I actually did miscarry.

Anyone else have a miscarriage dream?

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Re: Had a dream last night that I miscarried :-(

  • Oh yeah.  When I was pregnant with my son, I had a dream like that and it seemed so real.  I woke up believing it had actually happened.  It really put me in a bad mood all day.
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  • I have those dreams quite often, and I hate it. They have slowed down this last week simply because I've been SO ill, it's like my body is constantly reminding my brain that I'm pregnant. 

    I hope yours get better soon. I think they'll slowly start to subside the further along we get.  

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  • I had a loss dream last night too. Scared me a bit but I was able to poke at my belly a little bit to get LO to move and got some relief. For some reason, I was nervous during the 1st trimester, I was able to find some relief during the 2nd trimester when LO started to move, but now that I am into the 3rd trimester the worrying has begun again. It's frustrating and scary.
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  • You are not alone. I've had a number of them this pg so far. They are hard.
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  • Yep. They used to be worse where I would wake up in a panic and was terrified afterwards. I still have them every now and then. I had one the other night where I was sticking things into my uterus in an attempt to block my cervix so he's forced to stay in there.

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  • yep.  I had a few last week.  They are terrible.
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  • I have one every couple of months. Three so far. They are so awful! I think my imagination is far stronger than I ever realized. I am praying that they go away! 
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  • I've had several!  My take on it is that it is your brain/mind working through it's worries and fears so that you can go on to a healthy/happy pregnancy without dragging all your fears along.  It's like therapy :)!
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  • I have had m/c dreams...but I am prone to nightmares and night terrors. They suck! If it makes you feel better, my mom says that dreams are usually the opposite of reality...so if you have a m/c dream, you WON'T miscarry. It may not be true but hey, it comforted me!

    ((hugs)) I hope you feel better soon. 

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