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If your child has SPD, and or speech delay, how did you PT?

So my son is years old and has SPD and at first didn't really say words, but now he has begun to speak a few words. I feel like he understands a lot but of course not everything.  He is liking to take his pants and diaper off at nap and bed and wakes up with no diaper on, and having peed in his crib, so I am wondering if these are indications he may be ready.  However I have tried putting him on the potty and he just stands right up.  I don't think he quite gets what I want him to do.  Because he isn't speaking much yet I don't really know how to go about potty training him.  Does anyone have any suggestions that have worked for them.  TIA.

Re: If your child has SPD, and or speech delay, how did you PT?

  • I waited until my son could communicate before he went to the bathroom. For us, that was 2.5.

    If he were still nonverbal at 3+, I would have taught him the sign for potty and waited until he communicated before he went. You can use the same techniques for a nonverbal child like you could a verbal one (like the whole bye bye to diapers while you play naked techniques). If he seems to fight it, I'd wait 3 months and try again.


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  • My son potty trained before he was very verbal - I made a "ssss" sound when he went and then he could echo it.  Have him watch you and your DH go to the potty.  Also, announce  when you are going potty and use a the sign or sound you choose.


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  • Maybe some potty learning books would increase his interest. We also offered DS books to read while sitting on his little potty, if he sits down and relaxes we had some success for quite awhile.
  • Does he like books? 

    We took a long, slow approach with DD1, even before we knew she had a speech delay/ASD. Bought a tiny potty for clothed-practice only that she could carry around the house. A separate one with a cushy ring for actually going in. Put plenty of potty-related books in the bathroom for her to read when she had naked practice. Didn't move to underwear for a long time. We also did a sticker chart, with different stickers for practice, actually peeing, and pooping (the fanciest ones or multiples for peeing/pooping). 

    We also were pretty open with what we were doing in the bathroom when we went, in response to her interest. So she was allowed to help me flush the toilet after I finished (with lots of explanation about what was going on), then we'd wash our hands together. So when it came time for her to do things, she was already very familiar with the process. 



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  • We had DS watch "Potty Power" and we still watch it at his request. I wish I had some books for him on using the potty. I am even afraid to borrow books from the library because he can destroy the books by tearing the pages sometimes.

    He was able to go through the motions of pulling his pants down to washing his hands after the video. He has not peed that much into the potty. And there has been no poop in the potty either.

    I am at a loss as what to do now.

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  • Both my boys were speech delayed but we potty trained between 2.5 and 3.0 (DS1 and DS2 respectively) years of age.

    I didn't rely on them to tell me "potty" or similar, I gave them the power to go to the potty when they felt it was necessary.  This involved for me putting a potty seat in the living room and the child pantsless for a while.  Not many messes at all.

    With DS1 he hated/feared the potty when I would try to put him on it, but I knew that if he would just do it once, he would know he could do it.  So it took a bit of time to catch him about to go, whisk him on the potty and then show him how proud I was of him.  It was a straight line to being self reliant for pottying from there.

    DS2 was trickier.  You can't tell that child how or when to do anything, he just does it in his own time.  So for him I put the potty out and let him decide when to use it.  We were back and forth a bit but eventually he got it.

    It is worse thinking about potty training than actually doing it.  Just clean that shhits up and drink some wine.

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