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Advice needed - daughter just seems to want to eat all night....

I definitely need some advice. We are first time parents of a 6 month old daughter and we cannot seem to get her to sleep through the night without her wanting a bottle every few hours. She is on formula now but was breastfed for the first few months and then used a combination of formula/breastfeeding until about two months ago. Our pediatrician says she should have about 20 oz. per day and is eating baby food in the evening (about an hour before bed) and then we give her a bottle right before we put her to bed. She ends up sleeping in our room (or with us) the majority of the time because she won't stay in her crib without screaming. She takes naps during the day in her crib just fine?! We have tried substituting the formula for water recently to see if it was just her used to having the bottle and that didn't work. We are getting very tired and need advice! If she NEEDED to eat we'd gladly do it but our Doc says she should be able to go all night just fine. He told us that we need to let her cry it out for as long as it takes but I just can't bring myself to do it for longer than 15-20 minutes. I just don't think she needs to eat every few hours throughout the night - I think she is just accustomed to it and need to know how to get her to sleep longer.  Help!

By lmfrye23
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Re: Advice needed - daughter just seems to want to eat all night....

  • First of all, I feel your pain with the sleepless nights.  My daugher did not sleep through the night until she was 13 months old.  Its totally normal for babies to eat at night.  Especially at 6 months, which is prime time for a growth spurt.  And there is nothing wrong with not letting your baby cry it out.  Use your mommy instincts and if it doesn't feel right, don't do it.  Every baby is different and your baby may just take a little while longer to figure out sleeping all the way through the night.  And then, once she does, she'll probably go through another growth spurt or a round of night terrors or a myriad of other things that will interrupt sleep.  All of it is normal, just go with the flow and stock up on coffee!  Good luck!
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