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Tired of all the lies....

I live and work overseas, in a very small, close knit American community.

We all live in the same apartment building, and spend a lot of time together both at work and no the weekends.

Everyone has been wondering why I've been sick for a month----(I'm having HORRIBLE morning sickness. I throw up about 7 times per day)   I am blaming everything but the sun at this point.

I at 8 weeks now, and am so ready to throw in the towel and tell everyone that I'm pregnant, so I can stop lying about being dehydrated, or attributing my sickness to the "bad food I had last night".


Has anyone else dealt with a similar situation?  How did you handle it? I can't imagine keeping up this lie for another 5 weeks.  

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Re: Tired of all the lies....

  • Thanks.


    I actually haven't lied directly to anyone yet.  No one has asked if I am preg, but I get the look like they can't understand why I'm sick everyday. 



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  • If I was throwing up that much, I don't think I could keep up with the lies, plus I suck at lying.

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  • I personally would tell them... just so they're not worried. Chances are they're guessing anyways. I hope your dr is able to give you something for the m/s though, 7 times a day sounds painful.
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  • I would just tell. It sounds like your community is close and that they would be a good support for you in any circumstance.
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    Thanks Ladies!

    I think I will tell people here and there, as it comes up. Especially when I have to continually cancel or refuse dinner invites, and that kind of thing.

     Hopefully going back to the doctor tomorrow to see about more meds for the vomiting!


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  • Ugh, sounds like a rough patch - hope your M/S doesn't last much longer. 

    I don't like the lies either, so if I'm going to be in a scenario where I really can't come up with a good reason why I'm acting strange, I may spill it.  I'm heading to Paris in a couple days for a wedding, and our friends are definitely social drinkers - it may be tough for me to hide why I'm avoiding a glass of wine for the 3rd day in a row while on vacation.  I think folks are very understanding if you tell them that you are only a couple weeks pg and you aren't comfortable spreading the news about until you are further along and you'd appreciate their discretion until you tell them its ok.  I hope they will respect your wishes for privacy until you give the green light. 

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  • I am really sorry to hear about your ms. Yes, I would tell. I told my parents and brothers after "keeping the secret" for 3 days because I am a horrible liar. I just can't it up.
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  • suggestion...call your care provider and tell them how severe your m/s is and they can call in a perscription for anti-nausea medication in lieu of an appt. I cannot leave the house so my midwife just faxed it in (I called her crying). It was ready in an hour.

    as far as telling... I know you've said you'll probably start telling them the real reason now, but I was gonna say.. better for them to know you're pregnant than to get annoyed at you for coming to work with a flu. I know I cannot stand being sick and I usually avoid ppl like the plauge if they have an illness at work. 

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