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zoloft and sleepiness

i just started zoloft last night.  DH took night duty so I could sleep, and I did.  However I keep getting overwhelmingly exhausted in waves.  Could this be a side effect of my body getting used to it?

any idea how long it lasts? 

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Re: zoloft and sleepiness

  • My ob did warn that sleepiness could be a side effect. I didn't experience any of it because my dose is so low (only 25 mg) but I was told if I did it could be as long as a week until your body gets used to it. 
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  • I'm on a low dose as well and I usually end up getting really sleepy about an hour or so after I take it.  When LO wakes up for his midnight feeding, I'm usually barely awake enough to feed him. 

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  • It is a side effect, when I first started taking it I could barely walk up the stairs!
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