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Do you have a VA loan?

If you bought a home with a VA loan help me out. Where should I start? Do you contact the VA, bank or realtor first? How was your experience? TIA!
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Re: Do you have a VA loan?

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    If you bought a home with a VA loan help me out. Where should I start? Do you contact the VA, bank or realtor first? How was your experience? TIA!

    We looked into homes with a realtor before asking for a VA loan because we didnt want our credit pulled for no reason if we didnt find a home that we liked. Once we found a home that we liked we were "pre approved" for an amount by VA and were able to put in an offer for the home with a letter from them saying we were pre approved. Once it came down to negotiating the contract with the sellers VA has an inspector look at the home and they will only finance the home for what they appraise it for. If the sellers wanted more than what VA would finance, which happened in our case, we were asked to pay the difference in cash to the sellers.

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  • Our realtors helped us with it. They work specifically with military families and knew how to go about getting a VA loan, try and see if your realtor might be able to help. Or you can apply online, but sometimes when working directly with a person it makes it easier to get the loans! Good luck!!!!


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  • We worked with a realtor and mortgage company who handled all of the paperwork. I did all the up front paperwork while DH was in the field, and it made it a little harder just because there were some things I didn't know. Make sure if DH will be gone during the process that you know where he keeps his Army file. Our real estate team didn't have any issues with the VA loan.
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  • We used VA home mortgage..they took care of everything and we were just told what paperwork we needed to send them. They were awesome!


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  • We just bought a home with a VA loan. It was a great experience. My advice would be to work with USAA Mover's Advantage. They will set you up with a Realtor and a rep with the bank who will walk you through the process step by step. Our rep was very patient with us and kept us informed every step of the way. They make sure to find a realtor who knows the VA process and what to look for in a home so that they don't waste your time with places that won't pass inspection. 
  • We contacted the VA first, and got pre-approval so we knew how much money we had to deal with.  They hooked us up with a realtor and a bank and did everything.  They would tell us what paperwork they needed (keep track of any big dollar amounts over $100 going into or out of your accounts, they will want to know what it was for) and generally handled everything for us.  Our lending officer was amazing.

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