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Something doesn't feel right...

I can't put my finger on it, but something just doesn't feel right this time around.

I'm about 24 hours away from IVF#4/FET#2 and I dunno, something feels off.  

Aside from being drop dead tired, I'm not feeling any side effects from the Crinone like I ALWAYS have in the past.  I started Crinone Tuesday night with two doses right off the bat, then yesterday I had a dose in the morning and one at night and so far today I had one dose this morning.  I feel like by now I should have the sore and swollen boobs, but nope, nothing.

I started Estrace and Vivelle almost two weeks ago.  For each of my other 3 cycles, I always took Estrace 3x/day and changed Vivelle every 3rd day, but this time I'm only taking Estrace 2x/day and I think that's what makes me the most uneasy... why the change in dosage?  I mean, I trust my doctor knows what she's doing and wouldn't screw things up for me, it's just making me nervous, you know?  

Plus, my lining was "only" 9.6 on Tuesday... I've always been over 10 by ET.  I wasn't as good with my POM pills this time around and I hope I haven't screwed the pooch with this cycle because my heart wasn't in it.  This is our last shot this year...if we are not successful, we have to wait until January to try again when our new insurance kicks in.

I don't know... this is probably all anxiety rearing it's ugly head... and I'm so beyond tired, I can barely hold my head up.  Thank goodness I have acupuncture tonight - hopefully that calms me down a bit.

Sorry there's no real point to this post... just wanted to get my fears out there.

*SAIF Always Welcome!*

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Re: Something doesn't feel right...

  • I completely understand this feeling! Its like when you leave your house and can't remember if you locked the door, turned off the coffee pot etc.

    You aren't alone - I am sure that it is from the years of TTC and failed cycles. It puts doubt into even the strongest 'believers'.

    I hope that it all starts feeling 'right' for you soon! GL!!!


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  • I think it probably is just anxiety. I hope everything goes well tomorrow.
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  • I understand very well how you are feeling, for different reasons I was the same last cycle.  On the linning though, I was about 9.5 this time, and was also 9.5 ish after an increase in estrace my first FET when both my embies stuck.  9.6 is a GREAT number for linning. 

    It doesn't hurt to talk to your doctor about how you feel.  You deserve to understand why he/she changed the instructions (it doesn't have to be you questioning her judgement).  Sometimes knowing can make you feel better.

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  • lining was at 9. They were happy with anything 8 and over. I am sure it is anxiety and a bit of protecting your heart. GL! PPV!
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  • I agree with pp that anxiety is playing a major part in how you're feeling.

    Sending lots of T&Ps your way and wishing you lots of luck today!

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