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Rhett's crazy fast birth story!

I woke up at the crack of dawn on August 1 and had some blood tinged discharge and got kind of excited thinking mucus plug. But after a bit of thinking I chalked it up to being an irritated cervix from all the sex lol. I did NOT want to get my hopes up again. I was stuck at 2cm and 70% for two weeks and just knew there was going to be no change again.

I got to my Dr appt at 11:20 and was completely like whatever just tell me nothing happened so I can go home. She checked me and was like whoa! 5cm and VERY stretchy!! We are heading to l&d and having a baby today. My DF and I were totally like whaat?!

11:45 I was in l&d and they started an IV. At about 12 was told it was going to be a little bit before the Dr came in so I told my DF to run to the house to get bags, take dogs out, and Mathieu some more stuff to play with. At 12:35 my Dr came in and said ok I'm going to check you and break your water. I was almost 8cm. I sent my DF a text to hurry up and what just happened. Then my phone died. I started contracting but they didn't get painful till about 1:20. I started panicking thinking my DF wasn't going to make it. My DF finally came in at 1:30 and about 5 mins later I was told the oncall Dr was going to do my epi. I wasnt even going to bother with one but since my MIL sucks and my DF panicked and didn't think while we was trying to get back to the hospital, Mathieu was going to be in the room with us and I didn't want him to see me screaming. They made my DF leave the room with Mathieu while doing it and told him to come back in 15 mins.. The Dr had just finished my epi, the numbing barely got started and I was leaning back into position and all f a sudden I feel a ton of pressure and burning like crazy. I started saying he s coming he is coming and the nurse and Dr were both like OK we will check you in just a second. I said no I feel his head he is coming now! Get my fiance in here now! The nurse moved the sheet and was like oh ****. Dr. Gloves. Now! His head is coming. 

She had one hand on Rhett's head trying to keep him in and the other hand on the intercom calling for everybody. I tried like hell not to push because damnit I wanted my DF in there lol! He as soo close lol! But Rhett wanted out! I pushed and felt his head come the rest of the way through. I looked up in my 2nd midpush and saw my DF and Mathieu come in just in time to see Rhett come the rest of the way out. 1:51pm and my baby boy was born! He weighed 7lbs7oz just like his brother and was 20.5in long 2.5 in longer than Mathieu.

No tears at all. My back is a little sore but I feel amazing otherwise especially now that I am home with both my boys. Rhett is perfect and has been nursing great once I force those hands out of the way (is already 2oz above his birth weight. Mathieu keeps saying baby brother and is constantly wanting to hold and kiss him. LOVE! 

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  • Congrats!!


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  • Congrats, and I love your LO's names!
  • Thanks ladies! I'm soo in love with both of my boys!

     liebemama, Thank you! 

  • I'm glad your DF was able to make it.  Congrats.
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  • imagekfrix13:
    I'm glad your DF was able to make it.  Congrats.

    Thanks! Me too! Its funny, my DF works OOT and my whole pregnancy I was worried he was going to be gone when I went into labor.. Here he was jusy down the hall and he almost missed it lol!  

  • Wow that is super fast! Glad YH was able to see. And congrats, he's beautiful.
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  • congrats (: he's gorgeous
  • Congratulations!  And sweet picture! =)

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