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Anna Jaques vs. Lawrence General

Hi all

Live in Haverhill and wondering if anyone has any experience at either Anna Jaques or Lawrence General.

I assume I should pick a hospital first before picking a doctor? 

Thanks! :) 

Re: Anna Jaques vs. Lawrence General

  • I (and my 2 brothers) were born at Anna Jaques and 28 years ago my mother really liked it. It's a great hospital.... my cousin works at Lawrence General and I wouldn't be surprised if she delivers there. My friend delivered both her kids (8 yo and 4 yo) there, she enjoyed it but didn't seem to be over the moon with it.... plus she had to share her room with another person (clearly she didn't deliver with other people in the room, but afterwards she was moved backed into the shared room).... so if you don't want to share a room, then I wouldn't go there. 
  • A friend of mine delivered twins this week at LGH, I will be asking her about her experience soon since I'm also making future plans. I'll try to remember to report back here for you.

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