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Refills and tricare

my DH is getting out at the end of October, but has enough leave built up where he is able to start his new job here in a few weeks in the civilian world. Question:

Since we will not be on a base or near a base am I still able to ger my perscriptions filled, and if so where do I do that at?


Should I tell my PC doctor that I am moving? and that I will need it filled elsewhere?


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Re: Refills and tricare

  • Go to a pharmacy that accepts Tricare. You'll have a copay, but it is reasonable.
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  • If you have refills left that are not expired (most Rxs are good for 1 year from the date they are written), it will be easy to transfer them to another pharmacy.  Simply take your bottle into any pharmacy that accepts Tricare (most do. Walgreens doesn't).  I recommend going in about 2-3 days before you actually need the medication.  Some places will take a transfer request over the phone, but it is a thousand times easier for the pharmacy if you physically take it to them.  If you can remove any remaining medication at home so they can keep the empty bottle/package, that's even better.  Besides being easier for the pharmacy staff, it reduces the chances of an error.

    If you are out of refills or your prescription is expired, I personally think the easiest thing to do would be to make an appointment with your PCM and ask him/her to write you out paper prescriptions to take with you. 

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