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Pre-Natal Yoga - Seacoast Area

Hi Ladies!

Have any of you found a reputable class in the Seacoast Area?  I have never done yoga, and I have been told (by several people) that I should...


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Re: Pre-Natal Yoga - Seacoast Area

  • kyyrakyyra member
    I love pre-natal yoga! I live in southern NH so I go to the Yoga Tree in Haverhill. It's $70 for 6 sessions. Probably any good yoga studio that offers prenatal yoga will be fine. I had never taken a class before, but they focus a lot on breathing. They will explain a variety of ways to do a pose based on your abilty/comfort. Class always begins with telling everybody about your pregnancy and whatever your latest symptoms or news may be. And they end with a restful meditation on a big comfy pillow thing and give you a quick little message with lavender oil. It really does help you to disconnect from the outside and focus on yourself. I sleep like a baby every Tuesday now, looove it.
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  • Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH offers a Prenatal Yoga Class.  I went during my pregnancy and loved it.  You could check in with your local hospital.  Also I found this:

    Hope this helps!

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