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Daycare prices?

I had a good trip to SA this past weekend and really liked the area.  I'm still considering moving after Christmas.  I need to know about how much to budget for childcare for a 3 year old.  He is currently with his Godmother, so I pay a discounted rate of $100 a week.  I have to work, I'm a single mom, so daycare is a must.  What do y'all pay for daycare monthly or weekly?

Re: Daycare prices?

  • My son is only 9 days old but I started looking at daycares before he was born. The average monthly fee was between $750 and $800, for the full time care at the facilities I looked at. That appears to be the average rate here in SA. Hope that helps.

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  • If you are a single mother with a limited income you can apply for CCDS and they will help offset the cost of daycare for your child. There is sometimes a wait list for it, but it can be well worth it. Their contact number is (210) 206-5200.
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  • I pay $211 per week, but that is on the higher end.  GL!
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