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Has anyone given birth (or known someone who has given birth) at The Farm in Summertown?  We have decided to TTC and I know I want a midwife birth.  This will be our third.  We live very close to The Farm and I like that their midwives have a very good reputation nation wide.  I know there is also a midwife birthing center in Wayne county, but I truly am leaning towards (hopefully) being able to birth at The Farm.

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  • I do not know anyone personally, but I am living in Smyrna now and have seriously considered this as well. Either way, there are some super good widwives in the area. You should contact Cindy Sarlo, she is head of Intact Nashville and very involved in the Nashville midwife/doula circle and could give you some guidance. AND since you are TTC, I am an advocate for Natural Family Planning. My husband and I used it for six months and just conceived baby #2 and know within a window of a few when we did! If you have any questions about NFP or where to get more resources from, feel free to ask me!
  • Thank you!  I would love more info on NFP.  I didn't really have to try with my first two but since I am older now, I think we may have to put a bit of thought and planning into this next one.  I'm not interested in using fertility drugs or anything of that sort, so if it doesn't happen naturally...then it just won't happen.  But anything I can do timing wise to help better my odds would be great.
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  • get in touch with someone from the Lisa Ross birthing center in Knoxville and they can probably help you get in touch with someone. Marva Solt is a local Doula and hypnobirthing instructor (you can google her) and I know she's done a bunch of births at the farm, you could chat with her. 

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  • I totally understand! There is SO much that goes into conceiving when you are older... making sure your body is at a peak physically and your diet is good. (Trust me, mine stinks right now and I am six weeks along with #2 and gosh am I having energy issues! And I'm only 23! If this is not a girl, I am going to be a bit put out because I did not have nausea like this with my son!) Anyways, I would love to get together with you and tell you more about NFP (and let you borrow my Student Guide if you like). Feel free to email me at: [email protected] and we can figure something out :)
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