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How is your child feeling about going back to school?

DS is 6 and will be starting first grade on Sept. 4. He keeps saying how he wishes he never had to go back to school, he wants it to be summer forever. I always loved summer as a kid (what kid doesn't, right?), so I see it as somewhat understandable, but it's definitely a different attitude than he had about starting kindergarten. He wasn't necessarily chomping at the bit to start K, but he was definitely curious, and maybe a little indifferent. He had a good kindergarten year, but it was full day (9-4, 5 days a week) and it tired him out a little. If I had to guess, I think that constant-ness of Mon-Fri, all day is what he's dreading. 

Anyway, I was wondering how other kids are feeling about going back to school? I'm letting DS's "I never want to go back to school" comments ride for now, but is there anything you do to help your child get excited/feel prepared/lessen their anxiety?  

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  • My two also start first grade this year. They are kind of meh about going back to school. They are at an all day summer camp so their hours are similar to school. Have you asked if there's something he worried about or he's specifically not looking forward to? Summer did go by fast
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  • My children are starting 7th grade and 4th grade and they also are not looking forward to it.  School starts at the end of August for them so they really don't have many leisure days left.  I don't blame them though the workload is a lot during the school year.  I'm not even looking forward to the homework workload, I definitely did not have as much homework when I was their age.
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  • I think that if I asked them today, they wouldn't want to go back yet.  But, I think they'll be excited as we get closer.  They are excited about their new back packs and I plan on taking them shopping, separately, to pick out a new outfit for the first day of school.  For DS (2nd grade), I will remind him that he will be seeing all of his friends again that he hasn't seen during summer (at least not every day).  I do remember him feeling like your DS before 1st grade.  But, he made so many new friends in 1st that I think he'll be happy to go back to school and see them all in 2nd.
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  • DS (2nd) says:  I'm feeling pretty good about it.

    DD (7th) says:  Ambivalent.  Happy to see my friends again, but the summer has been pretty short.  I'ts been a fun summer, though.  Not looking forward to homework.

    In past years, in the weeks leading up to the start of school, I always get a mix of "Ooh, I'm so excited, I can't wait for school" and "Ugh. Do I have to go back to school?" 

    Kids have a love-hate relationship with school.  Just because you're hearing more of the "hate" part of his feelings as summer draws to a close doesn't mean that the love isn't there! 

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  • All my guys are pretty excited.  The twins are starting kinder and the three year old is starting preschool so these are pretty big deals for them.  I am sure the novelty will wear off the older they get but for now, they can't wait!

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  • My daughter is going into the 5th grade in September and she thinks she's hot stuff because, after all, after fifth grade comes sixth, which means she'll be in middle school and to her, that's grown-up. She's excited and I think she's scared. She likes school and is a good student. I think she'll do fine, but she's already obsessing over the stresses that comes with fifth grade and preparing for junior high. 

    One thing I've always done with her to ease any nervousness or get her excited is take her shopping for back-to-school clothes, taking special care to pick out just the right outfit she will wear on the first day. We've done this from kindergarten up until now, and I hope to do it until she goes to college. To me, feeling good on the outside makes you feel good on the inside, and that's what I think a really special outfit can do. It's a confidence booster, and it's a bonding experience. 

    My son isn't starting school yet, but I'd like to continue the tradition with him as well!


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  • Makayla, my oldest will be starting kindergarten this fall! She seems very excited and ready. It's mommy and daddy that are scared of sending her off Tongue Tied Time flew by way too fast.
  • Today was the 1st day of 4th grade for DS and he literally sprung out of bed with a smile on his face he was so excited to be back in school. He spent 6 weeks out of town with his dad and I think he really misses his friends. Tomorrow it will probably be back to waking him 3 times to get him up, but he generally enjoys school and it makes me really happy.
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