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PCSing next week

This is my first PCS and my husband is in AZ for training.  I have prepacked ProGear because Im a teacher. We also had a storage unit that we brought everything from. We labeled the boxes but are they going to reopen everything and go through it for inventory? Thanks! 


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Re: PCSing next week

  • You can ask them not to open them. I think you just have to sign off of something saying you're responsible for them.
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  • Depends on the movers. Some will just take your boxes as is, some will make you sign waivers (you packed them, so they won't be held liable if anything in the boxes breaks) and some will unpack and repack them for you no matter what. All depends on the movers you happen to get (and their company interpretation of the rules, and how closely they follow them).  Between my friends and I have heard of all of the above.
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  • Honestly, it depends on the movers. But I understand where the over concerned ones are coming from.  Just like there are crappy movers, there are crappy owners who lie.  

    A set of movers got in trouble when an American teenager smuggled in an air soft gun into Germany (he got caught). And because the parents didn't know the kid had packed it in box and the movers didn't think to open/repack a box in a 14yos room, there wasn't a waiver....

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