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While at the orthopedist today to have Maddie's harness adjusted (she wears a harness for hip dysplasia) he noticed that she keeps her head turned to one side.  He diagnosed her with torticollis and is recommending PT.  Any babies here with it?  Tips on how to position?  Activities to keep her head turned the right way?  Just looking for some guidance.



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  • Yes, my DD has that. She tilts her head to the left and turned to the right. So our PT showed us what to do. Basically during every diaper change I push down on her left shoulder while pulling her head to the right so that?essentially?her right ear is touching her right shoulder.

    As long as I stay on top of it, it's not too bad. But I have to remain diligent.?

  • Charlotte was diagnosed with torticollis around 3 months.  She was in PT once per week from 3 months to 13 months.  We had stretches to do five times per day and lots of tummy time, too.  The physical therapist encouraged us to get her to look to her non-favored side by talking/singing/interacting with her from that side, as well as placing toys and anything that might get her attention on that side. 

    I can't say the stretches and exercises were a ton of fun for us when Charlotte was little.  She had colic and hated tummy time - so she often cried her way through PT and home exercises.  But we saw a ton of improvement. 

    She was a bit delayed in all her gross motor skills and never really crawled (except when forced to by the physical therapist).  But despite that, she was walking the same weekend as her sister - at 12.5 months.

    She still has a very slight head tilt, that only a medical professional (or her mom) would notice from the back.  But it causes her absolutely no problems.  She's a very happy and healthy little girl now.   

    [IMG][/IMG]Charlotte Corinne and Evelyn Sophia- 2/15/07[IMG][/IMG]
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  • Tucker had torticollis too and we went to PT for it. Totally helped. I notice when he's going through a growth spurt that he leans a little still but that's the only time.
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