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Questions about GA Pre-K

OK, I think we've discussed all this before but since I am actually facing this in like ONE week... I promise I'll pay attention :-)  Gavin will be attending GA Pre-K at his current daycare center so it should be an easy transition for him.  Their parent meeting is next Tuesday and I'm sure they will cover most of this but I'm flying in that day and could be cutting it close.  I guess I'm just confused as to how much of it is controlled by GA Pre K and how much is left up to the daycare center?  So anyway, here's my questions...

1.  How does naptime work?  They still have it, right?  Is that part of the GA Pre-K day or is that part of the before/after care that I'm paying for at daycare?  When I go part time in a couple months, I'll be picking him up straight from GAPK 2 days a week and I need to know if I should plan on bringing him home for naps or if he will have already rested when I pick him up.

2.  What about lunches?  Our daycare has a lunch program but it seems pricey to me- $125 a month.  Can I choose to send his lunch instead?  If so, PLEASE tell me they allow peanut butter :o)  Or is that up to the daycare?

3.  Do they have to wear uniforms?






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  • I worked at a daycare that had the GA pre-k program when I was in high school, which was about 7 or 8 years ago, and each center is probably different and things may have changed. 

    1. They had naptime, but our school district has naptime in kindergarten also. I think they took the same 2 hour nap as the rest of the center, but 30 minutes later due to when lunch was served for the different age groups.

    2. They had lunch served through the center, but I'm not sure if there was an additional charge for those who weren't extended stay, but there probably was. A lot of the kids brought their lunch. We only had one kid who was allergic to nuts and couldn't be around them, but nut products were allowed.

    3. They didn't have to wear uniforms, but the school district also didn't wear them.

    This is a facility in south GA so I'm sure things are different in and around Atlanta. Hope this helps some! 

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  • K&P414K&P414 member

    1.  I am pretty sure that they have to include at least 60 minutes of nap time, but it can be longer than that school to school.  (This was one of the main points about cutting the program from full to half days by cutting out naps).

    As for 2 and 3, it will be specific to each center.  Have you checked to see if they have any of this info on the website?  I know that Ga Pre-k follows attendance schedule/ tardies, etc.  

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  • 1. They don't have to nap and can choose to phase it out or shorten it towards the end to prepare for kdg. This varies by center but I have never heard of anyone not doing it. It is supposed to be an hour max though I do sometimes give those that need it a few more minutes. 


    2. The lunch will depend on the daycare. Ga Pre-K has guidelines for how much they can charge for lunch. That is the only thing they can require the kids to buy. You can't make parents but uniforms or supplies. It is supposed to be free with the exception of lunch. We charge $25 or $30 a week and that is the max allowed. I think it seems like too much. Supposedly it pays for all of the paper products the kids use as well as snacks and the cook. It's a lot of $ though when you think about 22 kids paying it per classroom. I have asked about this too.  

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     My understanding is that it is mostly mandated by the state. I'm no expert, but just had my orientation.

    1.  How does naptime work?  They still have it, right?  Is that part of the GA Pre-K day or is that part of the before/after care that I'm paying for at daycare?  Ours has naptime after lunch.

    2.  What about lunches?  Our daycare has a lunch program but it seems pricey to me- $125 a month.  Can I choose to send his lunch instead?  Our daycare doesn't allow outside food and it costs $25 per week.

    3.  Do they have to wear uniforms? Not ours

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  • I think all of this can vary from program to program, but Cadence is attending GA Pre-K in her current daycare so I can answer in terms of how our program works.

    1.  How does naptime work? For us they get 1 hour at the beginning of the year and as school winds down they cut back to 1/2 hour to get ready for K.

     2.  What about lunches? We are charged $25 a week as a "program fee" which I think includes lunches and supplies. This is in addition  to the $100 a week for before/after care which covers breakfast.

     3.  Do they have to wear uniforms? No, but I am thinking of buying some of the uniforms from Target for her anyway. They are cute and life will be much easier without endless choices in the morning ;)

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  • We just had our orientation on Monday.

    1. They will nap for 1 hour during their regular school day, not in after care.

    2. We have to pay $25 a week for meals, that includes breakfast and lunch. No outside food or drink is allowed at our center for any of the kids unless they have special dietary needs. After care gets an afternoon snack. Our center is nut free all the time, so I think that is how the policy would work for you guys if you are allowed to send his lunch.  For example, for parties and events we always have to bring only store prepared items that they can verify don't have nuts in them.

    3.  No uniforms for us, they recommended regular play clothes since they do a lot of art, painting, and messy activities.

    I don't think I'm ready yet. August 16th seems so close and I'm still second guessing whether we should start him since he has such a late birthday. He won't be 4 until August 20th. Oh, the pressure!

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