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  • Congrats. That must be really exciting for you. But seriously? EVERY single post you've made on TB is about MommyMarket and promoting it. Technically, I think it's spam and against the TOS...

    Maybe you could actually participate on the boards instead of just promoting? 

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  • Honestly, i am promoting it because I think it's a valuable service for moms like me. I generally spend more time on the WTE boards and just hadn't wanted to keep up with both. But, you're right, if I'm going to promote here I should participate normally as well. So I will endeavor to do so!
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  • I'm sure it is a valuable service, but don't get yourself banned from the site by breaking the Terms of Service.  

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  • I saw it and unfortuantely I don't particularly care for the website. It's hard to manage/ use. You have to click things multiple times in order to see things and people are asking very high prices for things that should not be that high, used. 

    Plus the lack of items on there is also a hinderance. That has to do with less people on there but still, the site has some kinks to work out.

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