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PCS'ing overseas with a pet

My friend is single and in the military but is PCS'ing overseas to Germany. She doesn't have a sponsor yet, and they are telling her that she HAS to travel on the rotator, which means she can't bring her cat. (Yes, her request for a waiver was denied.)  Short of leaving the cat in the States, what are her options?  Thanks!

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  • There are places that will transport the pet for her. Depending on how much she's willing to spend, some will even pick the pet up at her current location, handle all the USDA transport paperwork and deliver the pet to her new home. Door to door! It's expensive, but effective. She can also ship the pet unaccompanied cargo on a commercial aircraft, but she'll have to do a lot of running around to get the paperwork in order, and depending on the time of year, the pet may not be allowed to fly at all.
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  • Also, single soldiers are often required to live in the barracks unless they are above a certain rank (and not even then, depending on the command). They are not allowed to have any pets in the barracks. Single soldiers are highly discouraged from having pets, since they may not be able to find adequate care when they are in the field/deployed.
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  • First, flying on the rotator does not mean you cannot take pets (we took the rotator to and from Germany WITH our two dogs). It just means that there are only so many pet slots per flight.  

    Second, it is very true abut living in the dorms.  I don't know her service or which base she is going to, but Army is much stricter in keeping people on base and Air Force is pushing people off.  But even then, depending on her rank, you have to start in the dorms.

    I suggest she waits until she is settled and then ship the cat over on Lufstansa as cargo (cheapest and safest airline).  

  • Thank you. She is a single officer, so dorms aren't an issue. I am not sure she wants to ship cargo, though, unless that is the only remaining option.
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