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Celexa 40 mg and pregnancy

Hi everyone,

 Has anyone taken 40 mg of Celexa during pregnancy? My OB says that there arent many studies but one showed a 1% finding of heart defect. I cannot stop taking this medicine. I have tried lowering the dose/stopping with baaad results. My OB says its up to me whether to take the risk to stay on it, but is not really concerned.  Has anyone taken Celexa 40 mg and everything turned out ok? Any issues/health problems?  Appreciate your feedback. Nikki

Re: Celexa 40 mg and pregnancy

  • I took and still take 40 mg Celexa while pregnant...baby girl is healthy and beautiful!
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  • Thanks for your reply, Peglet. That's great news. So, your ob didn't suggest trying to go off of it in 3rd tri?  I'm a little nervous about withdrawal....
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  • Personally, I've had bad experiences with withdrawal, so I wouldn't do that. We did a lot of research - met with both my psychiatrist and my OB and got referred to a group that specializes in prenatal psychiatry for a consult. They stressed that they couldn't tell us what to do one way or the other, but they seemed to think the research that found that info about the defects was not conclusive. Ultimately we decided that the benefit I get from being on the medication outweighed the risks. It was a choice between medication=possible risk to baby or very stressed mom=risk to baby. We went with what was best for us. Both my OB and psychiatrist were supportive.
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  • Thanks, Peglet...so no withdrawal for the baby either ...like jittery or poor feeding?
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