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babywearers in Charlotte NC

I'm a FTM and trying to figure out which wrap I'd like to get. I'm leaning towards the baby k'tan, but worried about the fit, so was hoping to try one on before buying. I thought I found one store in Charlotte where I could try it on, but turns out that store is closed. I see that Buy Buy Baby has the k'tan on their website, but does anyone know if they have them in the store available to try on?

Any advice? 

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Re: babywearers in Charlotte NC

  • I'm not in the Charlotte area but I have a Baby K'tan and loved it.  Still use it for DS.  I had a Moby with DD#1 and I didn't like -- hated having to try to figure out the wrapping.  I also use my Bjorn now but the K'tan was great when DS was little -- he slept numerous times in it when I couldn't get him to sleep but needed to do things for the girls.
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  • I got mine at buy buy baby and they were more than happy to let me try it on.  The only downside is they only carry the black.  Also, at check out they can give you a coupon code for 20% off.  The k'tan is great, you'll love it!
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