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Moving to San Diego... Looking for rental

I am moving to San Diego and looking for a rental property. Does anyone have any leads? Moving in a couple months. Only request is that it has a fenced in yard and is under 2000. We have two dogs.

Re: Moving to San Diego... Looking for rental

  • I recommend looking on We found our rental through that website. 
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  • there is also a facebook group called navy home search that is very helpful

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  • I have been looking at ahrn. Haven't found that much I will try the Facebook group. I am more interested in if people have any specific properties that they know about.
  • combines several search sites and also has a crime spotter where bad areas turn lime green. it also allows you to narrow down by commute time to a specific base, and shows you what's close by.
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  • Have you looked into living on base?  2K doesn't get you far in this area.  
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  • I know a place in El Cajon called Forest Park I believe that has a small back patio with a bit of grass if you get the first floor and it's like 1200ish or something like that. Base housing might be a possibility if your DH is high enough in rank but it'll take all your BAH. is going to be your best bet really because most of the places out here are either much more than 2000 for what you're looking for or will only allow 1 dog instead of 2. Mind breed restrictions as well. My DH and I live in an upstairs apartment with 1 dog in the outskirts of San Diego for about 1225 and there isn't our own personal yard. GL with your search!
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  • I have a few places that might be possibilities.  Both myself and my husband (who is the one in the navy) do not want to live on base at all.  I don't really want a patio...needs to be more of a yard.  My dogs are on the larger side and need room.
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