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Add my LO to.....

The nose-pickers club! She sure was digging for gold during dinner tonight...we might be rich at the rate she was going! Lol
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Re: Add my LO to.....

  • haha! ew
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    "What did my fingers do before they held you? What did my heart do with it's love?"

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  • Ha! These babies and their table manners :)

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  • Honestly, this is A's most favorite thing. 100 times a day I have to move her hand away.
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    Allison born September 2011

    M/C 8/09 6w5d

    Clomid/IUI 8/10

    M/C 10/10 8w2d
  • Yuck! J's found my nose a few times- I always get his little fingers out of there as quickly as possible.

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  • I'm wondering how I will phase out congratulations on big burps. 
    After 2 losses, IVF #2 brought us our little boys.
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    Now we're waiting on our miracle baby ... a little GIRL!!!

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